Haría - Worth a visit

      Mirador del Río

      An absolute 'must see' when you explore the island. From here there is a spectacular view, conceived by the artist Cesar Manrique, of the Chinijo archipelago.

      Cueva de los Verdes

      This beautiful cave was created by the petrification of the outer layer of a stream of lava, while the hot lava in the interior continued to flow into the sea. The result was entire networks of subterranean galleries and grottoes in Haría.

      Jameos del Agua

      After the location was created by the natural collapse of a cave ceiling near Cueva de los Verdes in Malpaís de La Corona, a spectacular auditorium was established here as the venue for a wide range of events accompanied by culinary delicacies.

      Cueva de los Siete Lagos

      The 'cave of the seven ponds' is located in the interior of a volcanic gallery.

      Guinate Tropical Park

      Exotic zoological and botanical park.

      Iglesia de Maguez (twentieth century)

      The church was conceived by César Manrique in the village of Máguez, which is surrounded by hills covered in vineyards.


      This village has a beautiful beach and lots of restaurants in which freshly caught fish is served.

      Charco de Palo

      Nudist beach with a number of natural pools for swimming, yellow sand and volcanic rock. Very suitable for diving. This part of the coast is shared between the districts of Haría and Teguise.


      This village is surrounded by large prickly pear plantations in which the cochinilla is bred, a scale insect from which a natural red dye is obtained.


      The romantic harbour of Órzola is the starting point for ferries to La Graciosa. The beaches of Caletón Blanco have numerous natural pools for swimming and white sand with volcanic rock.