San Bartolomé - Worth a visit

      Church of San Bartolomé

      Volcanic grottoes of Cueva volcánica de los Naturalistas and Las Palomas.

      Tanit ethnographic museum

      El Grifo wine museum

      The oldest winery in the Canary Islands with buildings dating back to the 18th century.

      Casa Ajei

      Cultural centre

      Casa Mayor Guerra

      Of cultural interest

      Museum El Campesino

      Created by César Manrique and devoted to agriculture in Lanzarote.

      Monumento a la Fecundidad (fertility monument)

      Large abstract sculpture dedicated to farmers and agriculture.

      Playa Honda beach

      One of the largest sandy beaches in Lanzarote is near to San Bartolomé and features a promenade and children's playground. A good place for windsurfing in the summer.

      Ajei archaeological finds

      Guaticea palaeological site

      Casa Arencibia Rocha house

      Casa Espinosa Ortega house