Yaiza - Worth a visit

      Parque Natural de Timanfaya national park (also called 'Montañas del Fuego')

      Volcanic rock and craters as far as the eye can see. Islote de Hilario: geysers with incredibly high temperatures.

      El Diablo restaurant (the devil's restaurant)

      In Islote de Hilario. Meat is grilled on the heat generated by geysers. Created by the artist César Manrique.

      La Geria

      Wine-producing region with the characteristic protective layer of volcanic ash.

      Salinas de Janubio

      The largest salt-production area of the Canary Islands.

      Los Hervideros

      When the tide is high the water flows out of numerous openings in the rocks.

      Puerto Calero harbour

      Water sports, art museum, museum of marine mammals, restaurants and bars.

      Canary Islands Museum of Marine Mammals

      This cultural and scientific institution has one of Europe's largest collections of marine mammals.

      Torre del Águila fortress tower

      in Las Coloradas, built in 1747.

      El Golfo village

      A typical Canary Islands village by a beautiful beach at the foot of a volcanic crater. A number of restaurants offer excellent, freshly caught fish and seafood. Charco verde (green lagoon), one of the region's main attractions, is also to be found here.

      Charco Verde (green lagoon)

      also known as 'Charco de los Clicos', this brilliantly green lagoon lies like a surrealist painting between a steep, dark volcanic cliff, a black beach and the blue sea. The lagoon is located in a small volcanic crater and owes its name to green algae in water which springs from deep channels that are linked to the sea. The green lagoon has been declared a nature reserve.

      Village of Femés

      the village is located in the hills of Los Ajaches, which now have a height of 400 m but had an estimated original height of 4000 m. Enjoy your tapas with a wonderful view over the south of the island. The main crops here are vegetables and cereals. Femés is the starting point for numerous hiking trails.

      Playa del Papagayo

      A pristine beach without buildings, with white sand and turquoise coloured water.