Temperatures in Lanzarote

      The average annual temperature in Lanzarote is 21°C, with the highest temperature of approx. 26°C and lowest temperature of 18°C. In the year 2012 the amount of rain measured 56.91 mm, with 48 days on which it rained. In recent years the number of days on which it has rained has been between 19 and 68.

      In winter the average temperatures lie between 13°C and 27°C, in summer between 18°C and 29°C. In winter the water temperature is 19°C, and in summer it is 23°C.

      As a result Lanzarote enjoys pleasant and constant temperatures all the year round, with warm days and mild nights which ensure comfortable sleeping conditions. The climate of the island is influenced mainly by the trade winds, its closeness to the ocean, cold ocean currents and its sub-tropical geographical location close to the Sahara zone.