Gastronomy of Lanzarote

      The cuisine of Lanzarote is dominated by produce from the sea. Whether deep-fried, baked or boiled, the preparation of fish dishes could not be more diverse. The focus is on product freshness and the use of simple but refined ingredients which highlight this freshness. A good example of the outstanding cuisine of Lanzarote is 'sancocho', a fish stew with 'gofio' and 'mojo picón'.

      Gofio, cereal flour, has many and varied uses in Canary Islands cuisine, while 'mojo' is a typical cold sauce. Thanks to the use of garlic, salt, chilies, oil and vinegar, combined according to taste with tomatoes, bell peppers, roast paprika powder, coriander, bread and other aromatic ingredients it offers a tasty and very varied selection of dishes.

      A further speciality is 'papas arrugadas' (wrinkled potatoes), a highly versatile side dish in which the 'chica' variety of jacket potato is regarded as the tastiest. The preparation with salt which leads to the wrinkling of the potato's skin changes this simple dish into a delicacy.

      The fish with the richest tradition is the 'vieja', a tasty species of parrotfish. The cherne (wreckfish), mero (grouper), corvina (shade fish), sama (dentex), herrera (sand steenbrass) and bocinegro (porgy) demonstrate the diversity of the fish available for the cuisine of the Canary Islands. Fresh seafood also plays a significant role in the gastronomic diversity of Lanzarote.

      At the same time there is no shortage of exquisite meat dishes. In addition to tasty goat and rabbit recipes, braised and roast lamb, pork and beef are among the most popular dishes in Lanzarote.

      Like all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote also has a variety of traditional cheese specialities. Mainly produce from goat's milk, they are available not only as cottage cheese but also as varieties containing bell peppers or matured under clay.

      And those with a sweet tooth will relish the island's typical desserts made from figs and prickly pears, while bienmesabe (tastes good to me) or frangollo (a cold semolina pudding) are also well worth a try.