Wines of Lanzarote

      Cultivation of grapevines is important to the economy of Lanzarote. The wines of the island have a worldwide reputation as well as their own registered designation of origin. They concentrate the taste and the aromas of the volcanically-based terroir in a unique way.

      The most frequently used grape varieties on the island are Malvasia, Breval, Burrablanca, Diego, Muscatel, Listán Blanco and Pedro Ximénez, with Malvasia as the dominant varietal. Among the red varietals Tinta Negra Mole and Listán Negro predominate.

      During your visit you will have the opportunity to taste these excellent wines during visits to the island's many wine cellars and street markets. You should also make a point of visiting one of Spain's oldest wineries, the Museo del Vino de El Grifo. Other varietals such as Mozaga, Barreto, Geria, Reymar, Cart Guana and Vega de Yuco are also known throughout the world.

      Lanzarote produces dry, semi-dry and sweet white wines, as well as rosé, red, liqueur and sparkling wines. The island's wines are the ideal accompaniment to its traditional cuisine, with special focus on white wine.