Biosphere Reserve Lanzarote

      In 1993 Lanzarote was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. With an overall area of 35,029 hectares the island's 13 natural reserves cover 41% of its entire surface.

      The impressive volcanic landscape and the island's infrastructure mean that Lanzarote is the ideal location for extreme sports, and accordingly major ironman competitions have been held on the island since 1992.

      However, your stay on the island doesn't have to be so strenuous. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lanzarote by bike, by car or on guided tours of fascinating hiking trails.

      Discover the incredible volcanic landscape of Timanfaya national park and and visit the Los Jameos del Agua grotto or the island's typical wine-producing areas.

      The marine life of Lanzarote is one of amazing diversity, thanks to the island's geographic location which makes its coast a real paradise for marine mammals. With around 29 different species these waters are home to the world's greatest diversity of whales, although they can only be observed a little way away from the coastline.

      However, close to the coast diving and snorkelling fans can also observe a wealth of marine fauna, where they will be entranced by a variety of rays, octopi, seahorses, amberjacks, groupers and an unbelievable range of marine flora.

      Lanzarote, the island of fire, offers ramblers numerous hiking trails from which they can marvel at the island's volcanic influences and fragile ecosystem. You will be impressed by pristine sandy beaches such as the beautiful white beaches of Punta Papagayo, which are a pure invitation to quiet and relaxation.

      You can book a car or a bicycle at our reception desk, or we will help you to plan a guided tour. We'll be happy to provide you with information about all the possibilities.