In the extensive spa centre of Seaside Los Jameos Playa heavenly massage treatments await you, with massages of every kind to reduce stress, physical tension and muscular strain. At our spa in Lanzarote you can enjoy:

      Partial Classic Body Massage 25 min. --- 35 €

      Intensive pleasant massage for tight muscles at back, neck and shoulder area.

      Full Classic Body Massage 50 min. --- 59 €

      Professional effective massage technique to dissipate tensions and relax.

      Foot Reflexology Massage "Basic" 25 min. --- 36 €

      Massaging the pressure points of the feet, vitalizing the whole organism. Recommended in cases of digestive disorders, migraines or exhaustion.

      Foot Reflexology Massage "Intensive" 45 min. --- 51 €

      Intensive massaging reflex points on feet, innervated the self-regulating forces of the organism. Chronic and severe afflictions could be mitigated.

      Anti-Cellulite Massage 50 min. --- 50 €

      Localized massage and activation of zones with special powerful anti-cellulite products.

      Shiatsu 50 min. --- 56 €

      Japanese method of acupuncture massage in which digital pressure is placed on certain points of the body meridians to dissipate muscle pain, stiffness and balancing body energy.

      Scen Tao 50 min. --- 66 €

      This massage is an experience of pure wellness. The body is massaged with the premium Scen Tao aromatic oil before hot volcanic stones from Lanzarote are passed and placed along the meridians.

      Hot Aroma Oil Massage 50 min. --- 66 €

      Extraordinary relaxing massage with hot aroma premium oil. Choose between two personal mixtures, relaxing or vitalizing.

      Pantai Luar 50 min. --- 79 €

      Pantai Luar is a traditional body application from the Far East. Small bags carefully prepared medical herbs are heated to 120° C with Pantai oil. Deep tissue massage in fast movements using the bags. Offers complete relaxation and muscle stiffness disappear.

      Lymphatic Drainage 50 min. --- 59 €

      To relieve congestion from vessels and activate the lymphatic flow. Recommended in case of swollen or tired legs. Improve

      Neck and Head Massage 45 min. --- 56 €

      Intensive treatment for shoulders head and neck, relieving headaches and persistent muscle stiffness.


      To make a reservation, please contact the Seaside Los Jameos Playa Wellness Centre directly: spa@los-jameos-playa.es

      Tel. (+34) 928 51 11 88

      You can also fill out this convenient online contact form