Cleansing the body and the spirit.

      A session in the sauna has numerous beneficial effects. In addition to sweating out toxins, heat followed by a cold bath relaxes the muscles, lowers the blood pressure and activates the circulation, metabolism, immune system and breathing. In addition the sauna generates a feeling of well-being and ensures a good night's sleep.

      Come and enjoy our extensive sauna landscape with aroma and light therapy. Alternating between heat and cold accentuates the beneficial effects of sessions in the sauna, which is why our sauna facility features a number of multi-sensory showers and a plunge pool, after which our relaxation room is the ideal place to unwind.


      • Finnish Sauna (90º C) : For purifying the body and strengthening its natural defences.
      • Steam Sauna with aroma essences (45°) : Helps to clean and care the skin´s appearance and has a positive effect on the respiratory system.
      • Bio Sauna with color therapy and aroma essences (50°C): Sanarium with chromo therapy and aromatherapy.
      • Mixed Sauna and Ladies only

      Opening times saunas:

      Monday - Saturday: 15:30 – 19:30 and Sunday: 12:00 - 19:00 hrs (free of charge)


      To make a reservation, please contact the Seaside Los Jameos Playa Wellness Centre directly: spa@los-jameos-playa.es

      Tel. (+34) 928 51 11 88

      You can also fill out this convenient online contact form.