Hiking trails

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      Los Gracioseros

      Difficulty level: medium to high

      This route begins close to the village of Yé at the crossroads to Mirador del Río heading northwards. The rocky track leads 600 m down to the beach of Playa del Rosco and the Salinas del Río salt basin, providing a fabulous view of the neighbouring island of La Graciosa and the Chinijo archipelago. Along the trail you can admire not only the scenery and volcanic formations which are typical of the island but also many species of birds. The village of Yé is also the starting point for a trail to the Volcán de la Corona volcano which is highly suitable for families with children.

      Tremesana - Nationalpark Timanfaya

      Difficulty level: easy
      Distance: approx. 2 km
      Participation free of charge: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

      This guided tour requires reservation in good time at the Centro de Visitantes de Mancha Blanca visitors' centre.

      The trail begins to the north-west of the village of El Golfo and leads to breathtaking volcanic formations which are often compared with the surface of the moon. During the walk guides provide fascinating information about how the various natural phenomena were created.

      Haría – El Bosquecillo

      Difficulty level: medium to easy
      Distance: approx: approx. 7 km

      On its way to the Valle de Malpaso valley the trail, which leads north-west from the village of Haría, provides you with a wonderful view of the 'valley of a thousand palm trees', Risco de Famara cliffs, Playa de Famara beach and Risco de las Nieves. After you have passed through a small pine forest the trail ends at the El Bosquecillo picnic site with barbecue facilities.

      Femés – Papagayo

      Difficulty level: medium
      Distance: aprox. 4 km
      Access: Plaza de Femés

      This trail begins at the Macizo de los Ajaches natural monument and provides a wonderful view of the island, followed by a desert landscape full of cacti. At Morro del Perro you can look out over Playa Blanca, Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura and the Salinas de Janubio salt basin.

      The trail ends at the pristine white beaches of Playas de Papagayo, the ideal place for a refreshing swim.

      La Asomada – La Geria

      Difficulty level: easy
      Distance:approx. 6 km

      With a breathtaking panorama of La Geria and the Timanfaya national park. The trail begins in the village of La Asomada and leads through a volcanic nature reserve where you can admire agricultural cultivation using volcanic ash (lapilli), which is typical of the island, as well as extinct volcanoes and volcanic craters. The trail ends at the La Geria wine producing area, where you can visit prestigious wine cellars and taste the island's exquisite wines.

      Caldera Blanca

      The road begins at the village of Mancha Blanca. From here you travel by car towards Montañas del Fuego (the mountains of fire) and at the crossroads take the direction of the Caldera Blanca crater

      The climb begins at the foot of the crater, where to the west you have the best possible view of Timanfaya national park.